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Preferred Veterinary Software
Most Liked Features

Client Central™ - Knowledge is power, especially when it means getting instant answers about patient information.   At
the click of a button, PreferredVS gives you immediate access to everything you need to know! User Friendly Interface --
Single-Window Functionality

Advanced Client & Patient Searches - Search for client with conventional name search, plus advanced search and locate
features. Loss pets can be found by microchip code,
rabies tag, tattoo, or name, along with other outstanding search capabilities. Loaded with features!

Flexible Billing System  - Our Billing system offers a wide variety of user options. Invoices can have multiple pets,
multiple providers, “on the fly” discounting per line item or
entire bill, additional fees added to any price, usage messages for any procedure or item, advertisement message,
reminder attachments, client balance displays on invoice and more. Many customized features to fit the needs of today’s
busy veterinary practice.             

Reminders - Reminders can be generated Automatically, On-demand or Patient Specified. Send letters, postcards,e-mail
reminders, customizable and standard default selections.   Plus, export utility for the DVM Reminder system “Healthy Pet

Financial Stats - Client balances are shown in real-time! Never miss a payment. At a glance view or print the financial
history of your client.

Work-In-Progress - Navigate with ease through a list of patients currently receiving treatment at your facility.  Instant
access to in-house patients.

Patient Transfer Utility - Transferring a patient file to another client record is a simple task with PreferredVS. This is a
great tool for the clinic with animal shelter capabilities. All
the bells & whistles included!!

Rx-Prescriptions - Issue Refills with one click! - Easily print prescription forms and labels.  Create and print your own
informational drug sheets. Uses DYMO printer or Laser printers for label printing, your choice!

Appointment Scheduler  - Just Click and Type! It’s that easy to use. Six separate schedulers available for the multi-
provider practice!                                                       

Super Item Code™ Technology - Save time and keystrokes group unlimited number of procedure bill codes as 1 single
code.  Great for repetitive entries, puppy package, kitten
package, surgery procedures, etc..  Save time and keystrokes!

Medical History - Rx-Labs-Vaccines-Reminders-x-rays-Store & Print Pictures & Images No need for double entry of items
or procedures, medical chart entries are invoiced to billing

PreferredVS Time Saving Tools - Data file backup utility - Global price markup screen - Receivables Payment screen -
Healthy Pet Export Reminder Utility, Office Configuration,
and over 70 easy-to-use reports.

Software Installation - Installation is simple, and the software is so easy to use that your staff can begin producing
invoices and posting payments on the first day, without formal training.
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charges, services
and care instructions effortlessly. Many customizable billing options are available.

Change taxable items to exempt when creating the bill. Add adjustments or other fees to any item, plus the ability to discount any line item is provided.
Payments are easily posted as payment codes and entered just like an item, making the billing process much quicker! Navigating thru the PreferredVS Billing
screen is a breeze, for added performance and functionality; using the 'F'-keys or the mouse to process a bill is available as a choice.
Billing Features
Flexible enough for any practice to use!

Enter bill items by code or description

Easy payment entry

Add “On-the-Fly” Item adjustment/or Fee

Discount by line item or entire billing

Lookup boxes provided for easy item

Multiple patient billing

Print After Care Instructions for any

Show multiple providers on a single bill

Print advertisements and Client
messages onto the bill

Usage instructions can print for any item

Print special patient notes directly on
the bill

Printing of monthly statements

Print future reminders onto bill

Print with the bill automatically - Rabies
Spay/Neuter forms Future Reminders &

Two Invoice styles  provided, & prints
your company logo onto plain paper

Super Item Code™ bill unlimited items
as a single code.
Client Central Features

Powerful database searches for client or

Toolbar provides fast entry to Scheduler,
Receivables, Billing, & Item/PriceLookups.

Print popular patient reports and
certificates from ClientCentral.

Patient Transfer Utility available for animal
transfer to other client.

Automatic billing feature from items added
to the patients' exam-chart.

Work-In-Progress feature displays a list
of patients' currently receiving care.

Displays visual of clients email address,
and if any unbilled items exist.

Displays picture/image of animal on front
screen of Client Central screen.

If listed, Allergery or Medical Alerts for the
animal appears on front screen of
"Single Window Access to Client & Patient Records"

From the ClientCentral™ screen you can invoice a client schedule office visits, display financial history for the client, enter and view patient medical records
and more all
from the same-screen! No hassles of layering screen upon screen in order to get to the information you need.

Functionality Performance
If you’re struggling with your current practice management software and need a simple and safe program that does the majority of the work for you, this
is the one to try.  And the added feature of try-before-you-buy is a great plus for those fearful they can’t master the program.  Simplicity and easy-to-use
features make this software   program a preferred product.
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